In an age that is all about here-and-now, a business that wants to make money needs to work on creating sales from the moment a potential customer uses their search engine. 

Credo offers you a wide spectrum of online sells solutions based on the popular NopCommerce technology. 

NopCommerce moduls, NopCommerce support, hosting and Marketing of NopCommerce based webshops.

Online stores are our credo!

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Online stores are our credo!

Seeking to manage online sales through a professional high-quality online store? The online stores and variety of modules developed by Credo are based on an innovative and reliable platform, with easier-to-operate user interface, with high security and advanced design options.

Forget about problems and technical failures! With a Credo online store you will achieve effective selling process with a minimal investment of time and with the utmost convenience.

NopCommerce Web Site

Credo internet stores are characterized by maximum operational convenience, high quality security system, reliable interface and a plenty of advanced applications: management of product catalogue, customer database, built-in forum and blog, option for adding special offers, gift cards, product rating by website users, etc.

NopCommerce Hosting

Credo will provide you with an appropriate web hosting package at a competitive price. Your site will be saved on the best servers which enable maximum browsing speed, high transfer rate and easy access to files. Once your site is built we will make sure to host it on our serves so you will be spared any effort with this task.


If it is important that you keep your site interesting, updated and relevant but you don’t have time or knowledge to do it regularly and efficiently, Credo will do the work for you. To Credo knowledge and tools to manage your website content regularly and professionally!

NopCommerce Support

Thanks to our knowledge and technological tools, we in Credo provide solutions to many businesses for every problem connected with the use of this platform and gives full technical support to NopCommerce-based websites.

  • Solving problems caused by unprofessional or improper use of the platform.
  • Helping businesses in operating the platform and using its many options.