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That might excite your customers

that create huge revenue that make you stand out that will push you forward that will leave the competition behind that automatize processes

In an age that is all about here-and-now, a business that wants to make money needs to work on creating sales from the moment a potential customer uses their search engine.

Credo offers you a wide spectrum of online sells solutions based on the popular NopCommerce technology.

With Credo online stores, your products will fly off the shelves!

Online stores are our credo!


We are proud to be among the most influential people in the international NopCommerce community!

Credo is happy to contribute from the experience and knowledge accumulated over years of working with the NopCommerce system. We are proud to be involved in decision making processes and to take a part in the development and improvement of the most successful ecommerce platform in the world. Credo is a young and innovative technology company which leads the online shopping revolution in Israel through the use of the successful NopCommerce.

Credo was founded in 2008 and is among the pioneers of NopCommerce technology in Israel, technology which has gathered hundreds of thousands satisfied users around the world. Credo was quick to recognize the unique advantages of this technology and worked energetically for its promotion and integration in Israel. Today Credo is one the leading companies in developing NopCommerce-based modules.

Thanks to its long experience in the field, Credo gained a reputation for being a company with professionalism on an international scale, and it offers its clients many technological solutions and professional tools for online sales.

Credo specializes at building customized online stores with high reliability, user-friendly and efficient operation, high security and many advanced design options as well as advanced plugins and upgrades.

In addition to building online stores, Credo offers technical support services for NopCommerce-based websites, instruction to business on the subject of building and managing online stores, as well as consultation services which guide the client from the store characterization and concept development stage and till the store is built and integrated.

The company vision is to be a leader for the NopCommerce users' community in Israel, with innovative approach and international professionalism.


Seeking to manage online sales through a professional high-quality online store? The online stores and variety of modules developed by Credo are based on an innovative and reliable platform, with easier-to-operate user interface, with high security and advanced design options.

Forget about problems and technical failures! With a Credo online store you will achieve effective selling process with a minimal investment of time and with the utmost convenience.

  • Online storeOpen or Close

    Building an Online Store

    In a highly competitive market, a professional online store is one of the most effective factors in online sales. It gives your customers a quick and enjoyable shopping experience, and gives you quality sales without returns, failures and cancellations. With the income you earn you also get satisfied and loyal customers. With a Credo online store you will be able to manage your business from everywhere with the utmost convenience and with very little expenses and effort.

    How do customers recognize a friendly, quality store?

    -A careful design that broadcasts the brand language
    -Utmost convenience for a superb shopping experience
    -High security
    -Reliable interface, free of problems and failures
    -Credo internet stores are characterized by maximum operational convenience, high quality security system, reliable interface and a plenty of advanced applications: management of product catalogue, customer database, built-in forum and blog, option for adding special offers, gift cards, product rating by website users, etc.

  • NopCommerce PluginsOpen or Close

    Development of Modules for NopCommerce

    As a business owner you are surely aware that technological upgrades are essential for your store platform. If you have NopCommerce based online store, Credo offers you the possibility of upgrading your store through a variety of advanced modules which will give you the edge over your competitors and leave them far behind.

    As a pioneer of NopCommerce technology in Israel, Credo develops for its clients a variety of modules and plugins in accordance to the needs of the client and the business. Thanks to our vast experience and our reputation, we have the knowledge and professionalism to use the technological tools to create solutions for our clients.

    We offer our clients a variety of advanced, NopCommerce-based modules and plugins, among which are: developing modules for advanced payment methods, creating banner advertisements, customized support system, design templates that fit the brand language, etc.
    Are you interested in making the most of your online store? Is it important for you to achieve optimal adaptation to the brand and to your customers' needs? We in Credo can upgrade your store with customized advanced plugins. Call today and we will make sure to find the best solutions for you, from the characterization stage to the integration stage.

  • SeoOpen or Close


    When over 70% of users click on search results that appear on the first page and less than 30% pass the second or third meet, your goal as a business is to appear among these results. SEO is designed to serve exactly this purpose – to place you on the first page in search engines. Credo's recommendation - if the network is important that you stand out over your competition, invest in promoting organic and consistently over time.

    So how to perform search engine optimization?

    - Sponsored promoting - invest money in Google campaign and you will appear in the top of the search results. Is it effective? Not necessarily. Studies show that about 85% of consumers click on organic search results and 36% of users believe that a company ranked higher in the organic results, is the leader in its field.

    - Organic SEO - here our professionalism and experience are coming into a game, because it is important to deposit organic SEO professionals only by experts and professionals. As a part of the promotion, we perform a variety of organic targeted and effective operations:

    - Website optimization - we will update your website's code and content it contains to create a more "light" and “clean” code to the site and make it to work faster, be displayed correctly in the different browsers and users will wander around it easily and will prefer it over competing sites. Proven that this service is not only beneficial to the advancement by search queries, but also attracts targeted traffic.

    We will split users by fields, register your internet site in a different indexes, exchange relevant links, perform keywords analysis and more, all in order to create you a quality website, that search engines will be happy to promote in the top results.

    Credo specializes in SEO for years and it brings proven results: increase the site's popularity among users, building a reputation and doing public relations activity online, all at a lower cost relative to investment in advertising on Google over time. If you want to entrust this important task of online promotion to the experts, we invite you to contact us by phone 03-6099179

  • Content ManagementOpen or Close

    Content Management

    A frequently renewed website receives high popularity among surfers and search engines, it is a fact!

    To renew your site is important to learn which content is interesting for your visitors, publish professional articles, update catalog images, enrich the press release library and more. All of these will affect not only the website popularity but also on you Brand. But in all honesty, how much time do you spend each month for the benefit of your site content management and how much you really know what's interesting to your visitors?

    If it is important that you keep your site interesting, updated and relevant but you don’t have time or knowledge to do it regularly and efficiently, Credo will do the work for you. To Credo knowledge and tools to manage your website content regularly and professionally:

    -We will learn what content your visitors like and will provide them with it
    -Do keyword research tailored to the world of your content and combine them wisely in your website content
    -We'll create a high-quality original content adjusted to a search engines
    -Update and renew the content on a consistent and long-term

    When your site content management entrusted to the Credo experts, be sure to let everyone see what you are worth.
    For appointment and receiving a custom quote call 03-6099179

  • Domain MaintenanceOpen or Close

    Domain Management

    Got a website? Congratulations! Now it is time to register it with an internet address with suitable name and Top-level domain. This is the domain.

    A memorable and intuitive internet address is one of the most important factors in determining the popularity of your website. A website with a complicated name or unsuitable top-level domain might make it difficult for users to find it and so have a negative impact on your online activities.

    Let Credo purchase a suitable domain for your business. Let us register and manager the domain for you and we will do it professionally and effectively so as to save you time and unnecessary worries.

    For more information about the domain management service provided by Credo, and for a price quote, call 03-6099179  

  • HostingOpen or Close

    Store Hosting

    Web hosting service enables you to host your site on a server and make sure the current information is backed up. Every business and site has its own hosting needs, according to the number of users and the amount of data saved on it.

    Credo will provide you with an appropriate web hosting package at a competitive price. Your site will be saved on the best servers which enable maximum browsing speed, high transfer rate and easy access to files. Once your site is built we will make sure to host it on our serves so you will be spared any effort with this task.

    We will choose for you the hosting package most suitable for the needs of your site and business and so you will get excellent hosting service at the best price.

    For details about the different hosing packages offered by Credo, call 03-6099179  

  • Nopcommerce ConsultingOpen or Close

    NopCommerce Consulting

    If you are the owner of a site based on the NopCommerce is important to exploit the full potential of this technology for your business needs. Realization of full potential of the system will maximize sales and marketing capabilities of your website and increase your business profits.

    Credo company, the leader in the NopCommerce community in Israel, provides support services and consulting businesses with the NopCommerce technology-based sites or those who want to build a website on this platform, and want to take advantage of the possibilities inherent in it.

    Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years we can identify exactly the needs of every business and company and match them focused and effective response using technological tools at our disposal. As part of the consultation meeting we will examine the operations of your business, characterize the site in accordance with its needs and offer to you a variety of advanced technological tools to upgrade the basic capabilities of the trading system.

    For more details call: 03-6099179

  • Nopcommerce Web sites SupportOpen or Close

    Technical Support for NopCommerce Websites

    NopCommerce is a stable and reliable open-code ecommerce platform. Since it is an open code platform it offers many advantages – with an open code you have unlimited options, a feature that will contribute significantly to your business and your online sales. However, many inexperienced and unprofessional people or companies takes advantage of it and use the platform in a way that cause customers to experience bugs, problems and errors. If you come across such problems in your website and you feel you are not making the most of it, perhaps the reason is that whoever built your site wasn't professional enough. For this reason exactly we offer a technical support service for NopCommerce based websites, which has two objectives:

    • Solving problems caused by unprofessional or improper use of the platform.
    • Helping businesses in operating the platform and using its many options.

    Thanks to our knowledge and technological tools, we in Credo provide solutions to many businesses for every problem connected with the use of this platform and gives full technical support to NopCommerce-based websites.

    If you come across a technological problem, or if you need help in operating the system, you are welcome to enjoy our 24/7 technical support service. For more information about this service please call 03-6099179  .

  • Nopcommerce Data ImportOpen or Close

    Transferring Content to NopCommerce Websites

    Stuck with an old online store? Want to import data about users, orders, products, etc., from your old store to the new one?
    We offer a website content transfer service that will transfer your content in a format compatible with NopCommerce platform. For more information call 03-6099179  

  • Nopcommerce Web sites UpgradeOpen or Close

    Upgrading NopCommerce Stores

    Want to upgrade your store to the newest version of NopCommerce and enjoy all its advantages?
    Call 03-6099179 ! 

Why Nopcommerce?

The stores we build are based on NopCommerce, an open-code ecommerce system which is among the most advanced and innovative of its kind.
This ecommerce platform is used daily by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world, and it is gaining popularity in Israel as well. Credo was the first Israeli company to recognize the potential of this platform and to work on its development and promotion, as well as on making it accessible to businesses in Israel.

NopCommerce is the leading open source shopping cart, allowing people to set up an online store quickly and easily.

One key feature of the nopCommerce is its pluggable modular/layered architecture which allows additional functionality and presentation elements to be dynamically added to the application at run-time.

This pluggable modularized architecture makes it easy to create and manage your web sites.

Mobile Commerce is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone.

It is time to make sure that you have a mobile strategy in store that'll give you maximum exposure across all platforms. The possibilities of this sector are enormous to take things head-on and be at the cutting edge of mobile ecommerce development. nopCommerce allows you to create a mobile version of your website through an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface with just one click. Best of all nopCommerce Mobile is a free and available out of the box.

nopCommerce Mobile works on any connected device, without requiring extra development or add-ons, regardless of device type. The application, which renders a device-aware shopping experience, delivers a compelling, feature rich and graphically pleasing storefront and provides a means for retailers to immediately deliver relevant offers, promotions and products to increase sales and drive business across all channels, no matter what device the consumers are using.

Give it a try on the demo site(responsive design enabled)

The multi-store feature enables you to run more than one store from a single nopCommerce installation.

This enables you to host more than one front-end store on different domains and manage all admin operations from your single Administration panel. You can share catalog data between stores, have a product in more than one store for example, and your customers can login to all of your stores using the same credentials.

With multi-store support you can launch several online stores using a single integrated system. You can create unique online stores for multiple brands, products, B2B, B2C, affiliates, co-branded stores and more. You can also quickly launch micro-stores for promotional campaigns. Best of all, every online store shares a single database. Categories and manufacturers per storeProducts per storeContent (news, blog, articles) per storePayments per storeShipping methods per storeTax rules per storeProduct prices per storeNewsletters per storeGraphical themes per storeOrder filtering and reports per storeAlmost each configuration setting can be set per store

Reward Points System. The rewards points program allows you to offer points per dollar spent on your store. The customer can then redeem the points for additional products at your store.
Import products to Facebook. Get integrated with Facebook in just a few simple steps and start selling to Facebook users today.
Supports related products. Displaying related products is a wonderful tool to "up-sell" customers while they browse a product's page or before checkout.
Discounts and coupons. Discount amount can either be a fixed value or a percent off. e.g. $10.00 off or 20% off. You can specify a start date and an end date when the coupon is valid. Discounts can be assigned to products, entire category, shipping, or order total. Discounts can be filtered by a customer role. 
Newsletter subscriptions. nopCommerce allows your customers to subscriber to newsletters. nopCommerces offers a tool for creating your own custom newsletters and email campaigns. It can also be integrated with third-party newsletter services (e.g. MailChimp).
Gift cards. Gift cards functionality is something that every merchant needs, no matter if running an online or offline business.
Poduct reviews and ratings. Product reviews is one of the best forms of marketing. Asking for feedback on products gives customers a voice and lets others know what people think about your products. nopCommerce also supports review helpfulness feature (“Was this review helpful for you?”)
Affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a a store owner rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

Calculation. Store can be configured for free shipping over $X. A store owner can configure shipping rates based on order weight or order totals. A store owner can also specify additional shipping charges per product. A store owner can create shipping discounts (percent or fixed amount). Customer groups can be marked as free shipping.
nopCommerce allows you to limit available shipping methods per country. Also we support "no shipping required" products (e.g. services).
Addresses. nopCommerce also allows your customers to give two different addresses for billing and shipping, so they can easily send items as gifts.
Estimate shipping. It helps customers to estimate shipping cost before the checkout process start. Customers just enter country, state and zip code information, it will show available shipping options and each estimated cost.
Shipping methods. A store owner can define custom shipping methods (e.g. Ground, Next Day, 2nd Day, etc) or use popular shipping carriers (e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc). nopCommerces is integrated with major shipping carriers. Your customers can choose their preferred carrier based on experience, price, or destination.


Packaging slips. Also multiple shipments per order are supported. Tracking numbers are supported, so customers can easily track where shipments are located right now.

Tax calculations in nopCommerce offer a considerable amount of flexibility to meet your store's legal requirements, your preferences, and the expectations of your customers. Store owners can manage all setting and details in admin website by easily.

Tax features list:

◦Configure taxes by country, state, zip
◦Individual products can be marked taxable or tax-exempt
◦Tax classes supported by product (e.g. goods, services, alcohol, etc)
◦Some customer groups can be marked as tax exempt
◦The European Union Value Added Tax (EU VAT) support (Company VAT Number)
◦Allow store owner to specify "tax based on" setting: billing/shipping/default/shipping origin address
◦Allow store owner to specify whether prices are entered including or exluding tax
◦Allow customer to choose tax display type (incl/excl tax)
◦Allow a store owner to specify tax display type (incl/excl tax)
◦Allow store owner to specify whether shipping is taxable
◦StrikeIron integration
◦Avalara integration

NopCommerce payment methods

NopCommerce allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards. Every country has its own payment preference, that's why nopCommerce allows you to limit payment methods per country.

Store can be set to authorize only, or auth-capture credit card mode. You can then capture payment at shipment if desired. nopCommerce also supports refund (and partial refund) and void functionality.

nopCommerce is integrated with more than 50 payment methods and gateways:

◦Cash on delivery or Pay in store
◦Purchase order
◦Checks / money order
◦Manual gateway (just collects order & payment information for offline processing)
◦ PayPal Standard

◦ PayPal Website Payments Pro (Direct)
◦Other payment methods (50+)

Customer attributes. You're allowed to enable or disable any built-in customer attribute (e.g. Country or Address fields). You can also add any other custom attribute specific for business.

External authentication.. Allow your customers to register and login using such as OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Security and permissions. A store owner can configure specific rules and permissions for users. Perhaps you want to only allow some employees to edit products or view order statistics.

Wishlist. Wishlist enables customers to store products for purchasing at a later time.

RTL support. RTL means Right-To-Left and it's for users who uses a different alphabet in their languages and far than that, they read & write from another direction. For example, Persian, Arabic, Jewish.

And a lot of other features:

◦Web Services API
◦Customer roles (groups)
◦Customizable order emails
◦Private messages
◦Several account registration/activation types such as automatic registration, email validation, or admin approval.
◦Image capture on login/registration
◦Customer activity log

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